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  • Particles in water supply traced to water heater

    Zojirushi Water Boiler: Complete Troubleshooting Guide Learn More

  • Zojirushi Water Boiler: Complete Troubleshooting Guide

    Oct 16, 2004 · Lots of these tubes were made from the "stuff" you're decribing coming from the fixtures.These "dip tubes" have been known to break apart and put particles into the hot water lines. My guess is that if you removed the Cold feed to the tank, you would find a stub on the end of it, as opposed to the 3-4' section of plastic that SHOULD be there.Learn More


    Feb 23, 2001 · The heating systems can be gas-fired or oil-fired, and they can be boilers for hot water systems and furnaces for hot air systems. - Non-combustion dust. "People tell …Learn More

  • Lelit Bianca, particles forming in boiler (rpavlis water

    Dec 31, 2020 · Zojirushi Water Boiler White Particles After using your Zojirushi boiler for a while, calcium and other water minerals will build. This is called 'scale' and is responsible for the white particles you see on your boiler's inner surface and filter. Though not harmful to your health, the scale can tamper with the water boiling process.Learn More

  • Lelit Bianca, particles forming in boiler (rpavlis water

    Jan 31, 2021 · Been watching this from a curiosity only perspective as I have not experienced anything but clean, clear water out of the hot water tap, steam side and/or brew side, using distilled + KHC03 (RPavlis' recipe) for over 5-years in two machines: Slayer 1G (4-years; SS boilers) & Londinium L1 (2 years; copper boiler).Learn More

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